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We are committed to the convenience of global intellectual property informtion.

We have also been confused by the massive amount of intellectual property information, and we are troubled by the lack of a comprehensive intellectual property navigation website for guidance. In order to solve the troubles of users with intellectual property needs, we have created “IP bookmark”. 

Here is a collection of official websites and intellectual property databases of more than 100 countries around the world.

From the perspective of global user needs, we classify the information on the official intellectual property websites of different countries, organizations or regions, so that users can easily obtain the required intellectual property information at any time.

We also provide time converter and currency converter to help you get world time or exchange rate.

You can create your own frequently used website bookmarks, save to favorites, and then enter the webpage at any time.

We are grateful for your valuable suggestions, your suggestions will help us do better.


Let us work together for the convenience of global intellectual property information!


IP Bookmark is a global intellectual property navigation platform under DCSTAR INC. IP Bookmark provides global intellectual property information and tools for users.


Users can find thorough, comprehensive and factual information on trademarks, patents and copyrights in six languages and in more than 130 regions. Besides, IP Bookmark provides time and exchange rate tools for all people around the world. 

Global IP Navigation

The users can get the details related to trademark, patent, design and copyright in just a click with the clear title and classification on IP Bookmark. All is done as per the local classification standards, the links are arranged in a specific order which makes the list most convenient to navigate through.

Taking trademarks as an example, its subdivided into 9 sections:

1.Trademark Basics (process overview, trademark fees, FAQs);

2.Application Preparation (trademark search system and strategy, classification of goods&service);

3.Filing Application (e-filing system, forms, fees and payment, expedited examination);

4.Application Status (check status&documents, examination guidelines, responding to office action, gazette);

5.Management (renewal, transferring ownership, trademark modification, trademark disputes);

6.Trial&Appeal (procedure manual, precedent search system, FAQs);

7.Laws and Rules (trademark law and manual);

8.Protection (hiring a licensed attorney, legal assistance, protection guideline, official contacts);

9.International Registration (Madrid Protocol & international protection, global brand database).

Time Converter

Time Converter includes Popular Converters, Other Time Zone Converter and Current Time, which is convenient for users to confirm and convert time.

1.The‘Popular Converters offers accurate times of 12 main regions, the users will be able to convert the corresponding time of all the other countries by entering the time of just one country.

2.With‘Other Time Conversionthe users can select two regions/cities in the world and enter the time of the region and get the corresponding time immediately.

3.The‘Current Time is presented in the form of a map, which will highlight the exact location that the users have entered, the users can also click on a city on the map to get its corresponding time.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter covers 12 commonly used currency conversions and 68 currencies worldwide. 

1.The 12 most common currencies can be converted with theCommon Currencytool.

2.With‘Exchange Currency users can choose any two currencies and convert each other.

3.With the‘Other Currency users can enter the number of currencies to be converted, and it will calculate and present the corresponding conversion results of 68 currencies.

My IP Bookmark

Users can easily revisit the links they click frequently by adding them to favorites, IP Bookmark automatically arranges the saved links based on regions and sections. Users dont need to name them to find them, the saved bookmarks can be detected with just a simple glance.


Mobile devices have become more popular with users due to their convenience, IP Bookmark understands the preference of its users, and created the platform that performs smoothly in both desktop and mobile browsers, IP Bookmark can be operated at anytime and anywhere. 

Language and Advice

IP Bookmark provides 6 kinds of languages for browsing: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic.

In order to continuously improve the user experience, IP Bookmark has set up the advice column, users can share their thoughts and feelings at any time.



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